Labour’s McFadden Dodges Migrant Return Figures

In a recent GB News interview, the National Campaign Coordinator steers clear of specifying the scale of the potential Channel migrant return plan

In a recent interview with GB News, Labour’s National Campaign Coordinator, Pat McFadden, opted not to disclose any specific figures regarding the potential number of migrants that might be sent back across the Channel as part of a proposed agreement with the EU.

When questioned about the figures, McFadden conveyed his hesitations about discussing numbers at this stage, emphasising that the current system is “completely failing”, with large sums being spent annually to house migrants in hotels. He criticised the government’s inability to process the growing backlog of claims promptly, suggesting that swift action could alleviate the burgeoning costs borne by taxpayers.

As the conversation steered towards the living conditions of migrants, McFadden highlighted the strain on the accommodation system, with an increasing number of people being housed in structures like shipping containers, especially in areas like west London. He pointed out that the numbers in hotels had escalated by 20% since the Prime Minister vowed to halt the boats, indicating a lack of success in the current strategy.

Furthermore, McFadden addressed concerns regarding the imposition of 20 miles per hour zones on urban roads nationwide, firmly stating that this proposal would not find a place in Labour’s forthcoming manifesto. He noted that decisions regarding speed limits are being handled at a local council level, with varying approaches across the country.

With McFadden’s firm stance on not discussing potential return figures, it appears that Labour is cautious about committing to any specific numbers at this time, focusing instead on rectifying the present system’s evident failures.

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