OPENING UK BORDERS: Labour Poised to Allow mass entry of EU Asylum Seekers Through Revitalised Border Deals

Sir Keir Starmer vows to tackle criminal smuggling networks and welcomes talks on ‘burden sharing’ system with the EU

In a significant move, Labour stands ready to usher in a new era of border cooperation with the European Union. Sir Keir Starmer, who is set to unveil his party’s immigration blueprint today, pledges an unyielding crackdown on the nefarious networks facilitating migrant smuggling across the Channel.

With a determined stance to overhaul the current system, Labour also contemplates striking a collaborative accord with the EU which potentially facilitates the return of certain migrants without a rightful claim in the UK. Yet, this pledge comes with a willingness to engage in discussions concerning the EU’s ‘burden sharing’ programme, a strategy aimed at alleviating the migration pressures faced by countries like Greece and Italy.

While this bold strategy could mandate the UK to house a significant number of migrants arriving from the Mediterranean, specifics regarding the exact number remain unclear. An initial government assessment suggests the UK might be asked to accommodate upwards of 120,000 migrants, based on the volume that entered the EU in the preceding year.

As this direction of travel emerges, some voice concerns that Starmer is potentially disregarding the general sentiment towards migration in the country, paving a pathway for what could be perceived as ‘open borders through the back door’. Notwithstanding the criticisms, Sir Keir holds firm in his commitment to foster a cohesive European strategy towards immigration and asylum.

During a conversation with The Times, he affirmed that a Labour administration would actively pursue a comprehensive returns arrangement with the EU, highlighting the void left by exiting the previous agreements. Starmer did not dismiss the possibility of accepting migrant quotas, acknowledging that it would form a critical aspect of negotiations with the European body.

Further cementing Labour’s staunch stance against people smuggling networks, Starmer articulated plans to implement severe crime prevention orders, a move that would impose stringent restrictions on individuals involved in smuggling operations and seize their assets, equating their activities to acts of terrorism.

In a coordinated effort to underline Labour’s dedication to addressing this issue on a global platform, both Starmer and shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, have travelled to The Hague for a significant dialogue at Europol today.

As a counter to UK PM Rishi Sunak’s perceived inability to ‘stop the boats’, Starmer seeks to portray Labour as the harbinger of stability and order at the borders. Citing the alarming numbers of migrants crossing the Channel since the appointment of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary, Starmer points to the escalating costs borne by the government for accommodating them.

He expressed a firm resolve to dismantle the current administration’s controversial initiative of redirecting Channel migrants to Rwanda, with plans to reallocate the funds to the National Crime Agency for a heightened crackdown on criminal networks.

Despite the potential for pushback, particularly from several Eastern European nations within the EU, Labour’s proposition signals a profound shift in UK’s approach to migration and asylum. The evolving strategy, however, has been met with scrutiny from certain quarters, including former Tory minister Brendan Clarke-Smith, who accused Starmer of sidelining the interests of the British public.

As Labour navigates this complex narrative, Downing Street labelled Starmer’s past immigration endeavours as ‘somewhat embarrassing’. Amidst these discussions, the National Crime Agency emphasised the necessity for deterrent measures to complement law enforcement activities in curbing illegal migrant crossings effectively, highlighting the importance of a multi-faceted approach to this pressing issue.

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  1. What planet is this deluded idiot from? he certainly knows how to win the hearts and minds of the voters, give us a lot more of whats pissing us off, Macron is not the deluded one, no, its our lot running our country, and a much bigger disaster in waiting, no doubt the rewards will be greater from Starmer, it seems much easier to pull the wool over his eyes.

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