Nigel Farage Revels in ‘Dismal News’ for Rejoiners Amid ‘Remarkable’ UK Uplift

In a Gleeful Twist, Farage Highlights Britain’s Post-Brexit Economic Resurgence

In a recent segment on his GB News show, Nigel Farage couldn’t contain his triumphant tone as he relayed what he described as “some really bad news” for individuals advocating for Britain’s rejoining the European Union, following a reported surge in Britain’s economic performance post-Brexit.

The outspoken former UKIP leader turned broadcaster drew attention to the amended data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), underscoring that the UK’s economy had fared considerably better than earlier anticipated.

Farage extolled the buoyancy of British manufacturing, which he acclaimed was “astonishingly” breaking records.

Addressing his audience, Farage remarked, “Now I’ve got some really bad news now for the Rejoiners.” He criticised them for fostering a continuous stream of pessimistic outlooks on the economic repercussions of Brexit since the referendum outcome in 2016.

Directing attention to the latest ONS revelations, Farage noted, “You see the ONS revised the figures last week which shows far from us being the sick man of Europe since Brexit, actually, we’ve outperformed in GDP terms once mighty countries like Germany.”

Farage went on to extol the unparalleled heights attained by the UK manufacturing sector, a milestone he described as historic. Despite acknowledging the government’s sluggish pace in utilising the liberties acquired through Brexit to foster business and deregulation, he affirmed that the UK was faring substantially well, and Brexit seemed not to have hindered the nation’s growth trajectory.

Last week’s ONS revised data delineated a resilient UK economy, bouncing back to surpass its pre-pandemic levels by the close of 2021.

The updated figures depict an economy that was 0.6 percent larger in the final quarter of 2021 compared to its stature in 2019, negating previous assessments that suggested a 1.2 percent contraction.

This newfound economic vitality positions the UK at a faster recovery pace than its European counterparts, France and Germany, signalling a robust emergence from the pandemic-induced downturn.

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