Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Holds Firm Against Visa Concession in Indo-British Trade Talks!

In a bold demonstration of unwavering leadership, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, together with the steadfast Home Secretary Suella Braverman, are resisting pressures to loosen student visa regulations amidst the potentially groundbreaking trade negotiations with India. A source closely involved revealed that Downing Street stands resolute, declaring that the swelling waves of migration into the country have reached their zenith.

PM Rishi Sunak, a figure who has taken the reins of Britain’s future, echoed a firm stance emanating from Downing Street, a stance that leaves no room for yielding on the student visa front. The Prime Minister’s spokesperson vehemently stated, “The current levels of migration are too high… there are no plans to change our immigration policy.

During the critical cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Braverman magnified her potent concerns regarding India’s apparent aspiration to weave a relaxation in visa regimes into the forthcoming trade agreement. Observers recounted the Prime Minister’s careful consideration of the Home Secretary’s pressing concerns, with Sunak affirming the sentiments with thoughtful nods.

As the negotiations reach fever pitch, Sunak is scheduled to make a crucial visit to New Delhi this Friday morning for the G20 summit, potentially laying down the foundation of a post-Brexit trade deal. Engagements with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi are on the agenda, sparking speculation that Sunak might grace Indian soil once more within a short span to finalise this historic deal.

In a shocking revelation amidst political fervour, leaked documents have laid bare an alleged squandering of taxpayer funds by the Home Office, amounting to a staggering £2 million per annum on private vessels for the retrieval of abandoned migrant dinghies in the English Channel. A scrutinizing spotlight falls upon Maritime Craft Services, a company nestled in the western confines of Scotland, pocketing a sizable sum of £577,000 quarterly for their services.

A local fisherman vehemently criticized the operation, labelling it a “total waste of money”, while highlighting the consequential environmental pollution and heightened traffic in the already bustling Channel.

As the nation stands on the cusp of historic shifts, Downing Street emerges as a beacon of steadfast resolve, championing the protection of Britain’s borders while adeptly steering the complex realm of international trade and relations.

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