ECHR Under Fire: Braverman Highlights Court’s “Politicised” Actions Amid Migration Crisis.

The Home Secretary indicates firm resolve as Strasbourg courts face criticism over the Channel migrant crisis.

  • ECHR Criticism: Mrs Braverman has targeted the European Court of Human Rights, describing it as an “interventionist” and “politicised court”, allegedly hampering UK’s efforts to address the Channel migrant crisis.
  • Illegal Migration Bill: The Tory plan intends to tackle the small boats crisis, but its key measures hinge on deporting migrants to Rwanda.
  • Asylum System Strains: The UK’s asylum system, currently at a cost of £3.966 billion a year to taxpayers, is under scrutiny with around 50,000 migrants housed in hotels and an unprecedented backlog of 175,000 individuals awaiting an initial application decision.
  • Awaited Supreme Court Decision: The lawfulness of the Rwanda deportation scheme awaits a ruling, anticipated by December, which will determine the operability of the Act’s main provisions.

Summary Analysis: The ongoing debate around the UK’s relationship with the European Court of Human Rights, amid the Channel migrant crisis, underscores the pressing need for a comprehensive asylum policy. Mrs. Braverman’s comments amplify a growing sentiment within certain Tory factions that European courts, perceived as overstepping boundaries, may be obstructing British sovereignty and its attempts to address illegal migration. With the Prime Minister resisting calls to leave the ECHR and a significant Supreme Court decision pending, the trajectory of UK’s migration policy and its European relations remains on tenterhooks.

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2 thoughts on “ECHR Under Fire: Braverman Highlights Court’s “Politicised” Actions Amid Migration Crisis.

  1. Leave the ECHR. If Rishi remains at not cutting ties with the EU ECHR then it’s time for his resignation. or sack him.

  2. What have the EU ECHR got ‘over’ Rishi ?? for him not to simply abolish the ECHR’s ‘hold’ over the sovereignty of the UK ??

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