Sunak’s £4billion Asylum Outrage!

After 13 years of Conservative rule, Sunak’s “unacceptable” outcry on asylum costs raises eyebrows and sparks fierce backlash.

  • Shocking Peak: A whopping 175,457 asylum seekers linger in limbo! Awaiting an asylum decision in 2023, this record-shattering figure since 2010 has burned a £4 billion hole in taxpayer pockets annually.
  • Broken Vows: Prime Minister’s bold pledge to stop English Channel crossings falls flat! Costs of accommodating asylum seekers skyrocket despite empty promises.
  • Passing the Buck?: Sunak lashes out at predecessors over a so-called “legacy backlog”, but isn’t this his own party’s 13-year legacy? He pitches for international crackdowns on traffickers, but is it too little, too late?
  • Hypocrisy Highlighted: Baroness Chapman of Labour slams the irony! She exclaims, “13 years under Conservatives, and NOW it’s unacceptable?” She warns of a broken system since 2010, enticing more desperate souls to brave treacherous waters.

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