SNP Plunges £800,000 into the Red: Largest Deficit Amidst Membership and Donation Collapse

Sturgeon’s Last Year Marked by Financial Strain and No Major Campaigns

  • Membership Meltdown: SNP’s membership figures plummet by a staggering 30% in just 18 months, resulting in a sharp income drop from £2,516,854 in 2021 to £2,286,944 in 2022.
  • Donation Drought: Reportable donations nosedive from £695,351 to a mere £368,538. With financial chaos evident, the party’s reliability on Scotland’s finances is under scrutiny.
  • Murrell Money Matters: Peter Murrell, Sturgeon’s husband and ex-chief executive, is still owed £60,000 after loaning the party a whopping £107,620 in 2021. The disclosure of the loan only came to light a year later.
  • Operation Branchform Bombshell: Escalating police investigation into misused donations results in arrests of party stalwarts, including Sturgeon, shaking the party’s core foundation.

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