EU’s Doorstep Scandal: Brussels Now Prime Pick-Up Spot for UK-bound Migrant Smugglers!

Undercover Revelations: Albanian Gangs Sidestep Security with Trafficking Ops Straight from the EU Capital.

  • Blatant Trafficking in Broad Daylight: Undercover investigations uncover migrants being covertly shepherded into the UK directly under the noses of high-ranking Eurocrats.
  • Brussels: The Traffickers’ Gateway: Smugglers expose the Belgian capital as the strategic springboard, leveraging its central EU position to smoothly facilitate their UK-bound operations.
  • The Dark Side of Social Media: Astounding discoveries of traffickers openly advertising on platforms like Instagram, offering a dangerous passage via speedboats from Dunkirk following a crucial stop in Brussels—all for a steep £3500.
  • Trained in Deception: These smugglers brazenly coach migrants on concocting false narratives for the UK authorities, trivialising safety fears, and adeptly misleading the vigilant Border Force.

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