Record High Asylum Backlog in UK: A Symptom of Broken Promises and Systematic Flaws”

UK’s Asylum System Stretched Thin: Record Backlogs, Rising Costs, and the Looming Threat of Permanent Stagnation

  • Spike in Numbers: The year to June 2023 has seen the number of applicants awaiting an initial decision climb to 134,046, marking an increase from 133,607 in March 2023.
  • Legacy Backlog: A distinct focus has been set on the legacy backlog – applications before June 2022. Though progress has been seen with numbers decreasing from 90,659 in June 2022 to 67,870 in June 2023, the pace remains slower than anticipated.
  • Home Office Response: With an aim to meet targets, the Government has doubled the number of caseworkers, planning to increase it to 2,500 by this autumn. Comparatively, caseworkers in March 2023 managed seven substantive interviews or initial decisions monthly, a rise from just four in December 2022.
  • External Opinions: While the Home Office emphasise stopping illegal boat crossings, key figures, including former Home Office advisor Nick Timothy, highlight a rise in work visas and other metrics, drawing attention away from the speed of asylum claims processing.

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